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I have attended the meditation classes that Michael Sandford delivers for staff at Lotterywest each week during lunchtime periods for over two years.  During these sessions I have experienced the feelings of remaining in a peaceful state and the benefits I have seen at work and in my personal relationships have been awesome.  I am able to maintain a calm mind and respond in a more considered way to every situation.  I have loved it so much that I am now using the Life Series CD that he has made for Cancer Council at least two to three times a week in my own home.  I have found myself and am at peace with my own space thanks to Michael and his teachings.

Trish Rechichi
Group Marketing Manager
Author – Same Dance Different Tune, Lessons of a Barefoot Childhood

Meditation Perth - Mt St Helens

On behalf of the Cancer Council WA I would like to acknowledge and thank Michael Sandford for his commitment to the Life Now Meditation program for cancer patients and those affected by cancer.

In 2007 Michael was our first teacher to kindly facilitate meditation groups for this program and he currently facilitates 4 out of 9 groups each term.  Michael has also assisted the Cancer Council WA by developing an audio CD, with guided meditations.  This is a wonderful tool for participants, assisting them to continue with their home practice following the completion of our 8 week program.

We always have positive feedback from participants who attend Michael’s groups.  They often comment that they find his voice calming and his teaching methods simple and easy to incorporate into their meditation practice.  I would highly recommend anyone to attend Michael’s groups if they have the opportunity.  It is clear when you meet him that he is a compassionate person with integrity and a commitment to helping others learn this skill and enjoy the vast health benefits of meditation.

Lani Valentine

Life Now Program Manager

Cancer Council WA

I began meditation during a period of intense pressure and stress -  during my end of high school exams. Through regular meditation exercises I began to feel immediately more relaxed, calm and able to cope with strength during this trying period. Eight years later I still meditate most days. Meditation has contributed an enduring sense of calm, happiness and well being to my life, and helps to combat my feelings of anxiety. I am very thankful for Michael’s wealth of experience, observant insight and clear instruction in helping introduce this grounding exercise into my life.

Anna Willoughby, artist

Meditation Perth - Springs DelightI started to learn meditation fourteen years ago in an effort to manage my work stress. I have continued with a daily meditation practice since this time and have found it to be a very effective way of reducing the feelings of stress and anxiety. Meditation has also been a tool which I am able to use in my professional capacity as a doctor.
Michael’s instruction of meditation comes from an extensive knowledge and deep personal experience of this process. He teaches with a clear, relaxed and encouraging style which inspires many different types of people with their variety of needs. I can highly recommend Michael to anyone wanting to learn or further their experience in this most valuable art of meditation.

Dr Suzanne Bougher, GP

I have found that the Meditation sessions with Michael have been a key turning point in my life. I have an extremely demanding lifestyle and the weekly meditation sessions with Michael are very calming and reassuring.  After the sessions, while very relaxed and calm I feel enthused and invigorated to handle the demands of a busy job and very active family with ease and confidence.  This has translated into much reduced stress and tension.  I also feel that the meditation has brought about substantial health benefits.  Many thanks Michael

Tony Pearce, Business Development Manager

Michael Sandford has been facilitating meditation groups at Footprints Day Centre at St John of God Murdoch Community Hospice throughout 2010. The participants in these sessions are people facing life limiting illness as well as those who care for them. Feedback is always positive with participants expressing how much of a difference meditation has made to their lives. They have found the variety of techniques to be very easy to use and applicable to daily life and routine. They also have high praise for Michael, describing him as being calm and reassuring to be around. Numbers for this group have been growing rapidly as word gets out how beneficial Michael’s courses are. I would urge anyone who needs to incorporate stress management into their lives (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) to consider Michael’s courses.
Margaret Sealey,
Coordinator Day Hospice
St John of God Murdoch Community Hospice

I really miss my meditation morning with you but l have been managing to practice most days and am feeling great. The benefits are enormous.
I can cope with stresses in my life so much better. I now choose how l react to a situation rather than be on automatic pilot and the situation takes control of me.
I no longer judge myself so harshly.
Life is good.
Thank you Michael,

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