Meditation Perth Fast Flowing WaterI conduct mindfulness meditation classes and workshops throughout the Perth metropolitan area, north and south of the river.

These courses/workshops  involve learning highly effective but simple mindfulness meditation techniques which are proven to bring about deep calmness and relaxation. At the conclusion of the meditation workshop and classes participants will experience a deep level of relaxation, and importantly know how to achieve this relaxation themselves. And more importantly participants will have the tools to enable them to deal effectively with life’s problems as they arrive.

The courses/workshops sometimes may take place on a single Saturday or Sunday m0rning, which is very convenient for those participants who can’t attend weekly evening classes spread over six weeks. There are also ongoing weekly classes throughout the year which can be joined at any time. Below are further details.

Follow the below link to read the benefits two of my students has received from meditation (published in The West Australian newspaper):


I will be facilitating an eight week mindfulness class in East Fremantle in 2019,  dates to be confirmed. The classes which are based on the research of Professor Mark Williams of Oxford University will involve indepth learning of mindfulness meditation and how to use mindfulness when we are feeling stressed and anxious. The mindfulness class will guide you in finding peace and contentment in troubled times. Professor Williams says that:

‘There are deep wellsprings of peace and contentment living inside us all, no matter how trapped and distraught we might feel. They’re just waiting to be liberated from the cage that our frantic and relentless way of life has crafted for them’. He goes on to say that through 3o years of research studying anxiety, stress and depression he believes that he and his colleagues have discovered the secret to sustained happiness and how we can successfully tackle anxiety, stress, exhaustion and even full-blown depression. Professor Williams goes on to say that the mindfulness program may induce the kind of happiness and peace that gets into your bones and promotes a deep-seated authentic love of life, seeping into everything you do and helping you to cope more skillfully with the worst that life throws at you.

I am trained and very experienced in facilitating this mindfulness program which is closely based on Professor William’s and his colleagues’ work.

A workbook and Mindfulness meditation cds will be supplied to each participant. Places are limited. Please contact me via email for further information and registration. Cost is $495 and in addition to the eight two hour weekly classes there will be a one day mindfulness retreat day:

“Many thanks for all the work you do – all the mindfulness participants (in the eight week program) I have spoken with speak of your teaching with high praise”. Karen Roberts, Research Officer, St John of God Subiaco Hospital

“It was so great to attend the mindfulness class and have the great knowledge of Michael, who not only helped us but was such a gentle and sincere person”. Margaret

“I constantly receive positive feedback about you, your teaching style, your professionalism and how much you have helped our clients…. thank you for working with us!”. Seng, Cancer Council WA

Michael Sandford email: or telephone 0421 729 893

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION Weekly Wednesday classes for four weeks commence on Wednesday 20th March from 7.30pm to 8.15pm 2019, East Fremantle. Total cost for the four classes is $95:

Suitable for beginners or experienced meditators. Below is a recent comment from a regular class attendee:

“I really miss my meditation morning with you but l have been managing to practice most days and am feeling great. The benefits are enormous.
I can cope with stresses in my life so much better. I now choose how l react to a situation rather than be on automatic pilot and the situation takes control of me.
I no longer judge myself so harshly.
Life is good.
Thank you Michael”,


4a Preston Point Road, East Fremantle

(enter from Cross Roads Community carpark)

Its suggested you register your interest in attending by email or telephoning 0421 729 893, or if you need further information.

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION HALF DAY SUNDAY WORKSHOP – date to be arranged – Register your interest now.

“I honestly loved yesterday. I cannot believe the difference it has made already so can’t thank you enough”. Emily – attended a previous workshop.

The next mindfulness meditation workshop from 9am to 12 noon. Date to be arranged . The mindfulness meditation will be guided, and therefore no prior meditation experience is required. Experienced meditators are also very welcome. This class will allow participants to enjoy deep relaxation and calmness, and to learn very useful mindfulness meditation techniques.  The cost is $95 which includes morning tea.  Please register your interest, or if you have any questions, by email You may also telephone me on 0421 729 893.


I am able to personally teach meditation to those who are unable to attend my sessions, or prefer personal instruction.  Call me to discuss further.


The following is a link to my meditation facebook page where I provide very useful information concerning all things meditation:

MEDITATION ALLOWS STILLNESS: Please read the following:

Finding Your True Purpose

For anyone who has risen above the level of mere survival in day to day life, the sense of purpose and meaning become important. The less gripped you are by the need to survive – or simply the perception that you need to survive – you are free, spiritually and psychologically speaking, to pursue purpose and even to be led by it.

Take a quick moment to evaluate your life on the basis of these descriptions:

  • Do you feel consumed by the demands of your job or schoolwork (or both)?
  • Does it seem at the end of each day that you have been running a race of time, frantically trying to do everything on some mental list of required accomplishments?
  • Do you suffer from stress of any kind on a regular basis?
  • Do you feel that you and your life are stagnant, the opposite of frantic running, wallowing instead in inaction, boredom, despair, negativity or depression?
  • Or, if you have said no to all the above, do you feel that your life lacks a sense of meaning and purpose, that you don’t know how to find it?

If any of these descriptions apply to you, then consciously or unconsciously, something is blocking your connection to meaning and purpose. That something is most likely you.

It may be that you are still living in survival mode (which may be true if any of the first four descriptions applied to you). If this is the case, then it is very important that you take a good look at your priorities in life. Spend several days pondering this question all through the day: “What am I making most important in my day right now?”

You may be very surprised by what you find. Be honest with yourself and write down what you learn. Notice also how you feel about these most important things you fill your days with. How satisfying and fulfilling are they? How many unnecessary activities are unsatisfying to you? Take special note of those. They are the activities you can drop altogether. As you do, you will free up time and inner space from which you can begin to contact and develop your sense of purpose.

Your true purpose already exists, that’s the good news. You do not have to create it and it’s not a matter of choosing it. Purpose is something you discover within yourself in the space of stillness. This is the only way you can find it, in your own stillness, not in a book or a workshop or in the analysis of your dreams. You must go within and be with yourself in stillness and there you will discover the purpose that has been waiting for you all along.

~ Eckhart Tolle