Meditation Perth - StonesThere are many reasons why people meditate but the beauty of meditation is that regardless of whatever inspires you to meditate, you will receive a wide range of benefits, all for the price of one!

People meditate for health reasons, quality of life, mental health issues, sporting performance, work performance or for spirituality, but all of these areas of your life will benefit from meditation.
Meditation is well researched, and acknowledged to be an extremely effective tool to:

•    Reduce stress and anxiety
•    Improve sleep
•    Increase focus and concentration
•    Slow down aging
•    Reduce colds and flu, and other illnesses
•    Promote greater peace of mind
•    Reduce blood pressure
•    Increase intelligence
•    Increase creativity
•    Boost immunity
•    Improve productivity and work performance
•    Manage pain
•    Increase emotional intelligence
•    Increase spirituality
•    Improve sporting ability

According to Professor Richard Davidson, Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology, University of Wisconsin- Madison, USA, meditation is one of two activities that we can undertake which will increase our happiness. The other activity is being a volunteer.

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